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Our Sheep



Wool is a versatile, valuable, 100% renewable commodity. Here at Windy Vines and Grazing it is our mission to continue producing supreme quality ultrafine wool for high end products in the global textile industry. There is pure comfort knowing that wool from Windy Vines and Grazing is synonymous for premium quality, strength, durability and the highest of comfort factors. At Windy Vines and Grazing we believe that through careful sire selection and first-class animal welfare and husbandry, first-class wool is produced.


Wool Vision

To capitalise and increase profitability, without compromising the supreme quality of ultrafine merino wool, already globally desired from Windy Vines and Grazing through expansion of sheep numbers and careful sire selection whilst maintaining first-class animal welfare and husbandry for generations to enjoy.


Prime Lamb Vision

Transcription of Windy Vines and Grazing’s’ careful sire selection, supreme quality and first-class animal welfare and husbandry over into producing Merino x White Suffolk healthy choice prime lambs and becoming a small niche name within the meat production industry for lamb by the year 2023.

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