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Image by Jordan Madrid

Our Values



Family and family time is highly valued here at Windy Vines and Grazing. We believe that family should be the guiding principle to inform how we run and make decisions within our business and how we live our lives with a healthy work/life balance.



Windy Vines and Grazing takes quality seriously in every part of our business as we take pride in providing premium quality products and services we confidently stand by. We are proud to provide quality through the professionalism of viticultural services to clients, quality of clients’ produce, quality of the wool produced, quality to the welfare and husbandry of our sheep and quality to the attention-to-detail



Sustainability means to utilise the products we have in a sustainable manner within our means. At Windy Vines and Grazing we love the fact that we produce a 100% renewable commodity. We also care about our environment, our livestock, our clients and the community by utilising best management practices to improve our impact.

Image by Erika Fletcher

Reassurance & Confidence

Saying and doing the right thing at the right time can make all the difference in removing someone’s doubts or fears. Windy Vines and Grazing believe it is important to ensure that our clients feel reassured and confident that their questions/queries/issues/doubts will be resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible.



Remaining effective and efficient through change is the main ingredient to adaptability. Windy Vines and Grazing works within an ever-changing industry through seasonal changes, market trends and changes in information and technology. Having the skills and knowledge to adapt allows us to be more open, willing to take on new challenges, flexible, innovative, and resilient.

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